There Comes At Last This Poison - Scene 1, first draft

Rhiannon pushed open the door to the Giddy Gryphon. Before it was more than a crack open, she heard a martial shout and then a thud as something heavy, likely a body from the sound, crashed against the door. She gave the door a harsh shove and it flew open with a second thud as the unfortunate on the other side was flung back the way they came. She stepped inside and looked around. A group of Fallen sitting near the door were staring at her, some with alarm and some with interest. One Fallen man was standing, still in a fighting stance, looking angry. He’d been looking forward to that fight, she supposed. His erstwhile opponent was lying at his feet, groaning and attempting to push himself up. “Dude,” Rhiannon addressed the standing fighter, “there’s a time and, more importantly,” she rapped the door with her knuckles, “a place.” For a moment she thought he might come at her, and an infinitesimal amount of magical power pulsed outward from her soul and bounced back a moment later,

Camp NaNoWriMo

I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month; some Dungeons & Dragons... fanfiction? Is it fanfiction when there's no canon characters and only the vaguest canon setting? In any case, I'm now a quarter of the way through and my work so far is below. Update: Now 60% of the way through! Update the second: I finished NaNoWriMo! I haven't finished the story, though, 50,000 words has gotten me about 2/3s of the way through, at a guess. I will repost the story as it is once I have time to sort out the HTML - trying to copy and paste from MS Word to Blogger is not fun at all. Update 3: Done! Despite Word and Blogger's every effort to stop me.

The Storm Tree

The Storm Tree is an urban fantasy story I wrote a while back. It's sort of a precursor to Piercing Darkness; it shares a few characters but they aren't quite the same people as I'd given them some more thought. Warning for violence.

Piercing Darkness - Introduction

This is the introduction to an urban fantasy story I've written, but by itself it's really more of a horror story, possibly qualifying as a creepypasta.  Warning for gore.

Nothing More Beautiful

Normally I'd give a genre here, but I think this might be too short to really have one. Slice of life? Psychological thriller? I don't know. Suggestions welcome. Warning for abuse.